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Balthazar in Oslo

Monday @blå. I was wrong to suspect full house. Recovering students from a punch-drunk-weekend, had already fainted on the benches. But hey, we’re not students, we don’t need sleep… So i took my chili-nuts and my beer in one hand, Benedikte in the other and went to the stage area. We cuddled our way through the people sleeping on the chairs, and went for the first row.

The band set for stage (and yes, you should check them out): Balthazar

Although the number of people were not mind popping, the intimacy created here was indeed. The club has proven again to be the best hipster place in Oslo (cheers for the beer), and the band created one intense scene with the fiery girl on the violin. I love the way they kicked the tired students into a happy state again. I guess they kicked us up into the stars then?

A well blown concert, a couple of beers later..We went to speak with the band, and almost ended up in their taxi – as talks of Spotify and iPhones went on. Although our hotel have a free spirit feel, I don’t know what they would have said about taking a band up to our room. The iPhone saved us by talking to dirty for the violin girl – and I must admit that it does. (The phone responds to questions like: blow me, smack my bitch up [apples fault I promise])

Also the band is from Belgium and wanted to learn me some dutch words, but sorry guys, don’t remember much.